Release The Hounds LP, released Oct 13, 2017

MICHAEL EWING - Fernandina local and veteran drummer, Mike's dynamic style and led-footed attack brings a thunderous power to the Fangs' rhythm section. 



All original, stoner / garage / psychedelic rock band from the dark heart of Jacksonville, FL since 2015, The Chrome Fangs have been invited to open up for such heavies as Doyle von Frankenstein from The Misfits, British punk legends The Vibrators, and underground cowpunk heroes The Supersuckers, and also were the featured artist on THE ZONE 99.7 FM radio's show "Gettin' Durty With Dusty". With influences ranging from  70's  powerhouses   Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin, to latter day alt-punks Mudhoney, The Cramps, Sonic Youth, Kyuss, Alice in Chains, and My Bloody Valentine, The Chrome Fangs' blend of fuzzy guitars, driving riffs, melodic leads, and a dash of good ol' swampy blues creates a unique southern gothic sound and experience of velvety snarl and sonic overdrive.


DONOVAN WOLF - vocals, guitars, harmonica

GREG BLACK - lead guitar



Witch Mountain EP, released Dec 21, 2018


THAD COTTON - Jax native and all around awesome dude, 'Rad Thad' holds down the lower end on bass in stoic style.

GREG BLACK may be one of the hardest working guitarists in town, but a little known fact is that he is also Jacksonville's go-to hairstylist to the stars, and owner of Arcana Hair studio.  Greg's catchy riffs and searing leads lend a heavy-yet-melodic edge to The Chrome Fangs' sound.  Greg and Donovan were old guitar buddies in South Florida who both inexplicably ended up in Jacksonville around the same time. He also plays guitar in local band Myriad Switch. 

​​​DONOVAN  was raised by a pack of forest wolves on a steady diet of granola, Dylan, and Zen philosophy, before moving to the sunny beaches and fleshy pits of Miami/Ft. LauderHell.  Given his first guitar at age 13. he later became a regular fixture in the local music scene that gave rise to South Florida punk legends LOAD, the Holy Terrors, The Livid Kittens, and Marilyn Manson. 


My ego's been bruised
My soul feels abused
I'm hittin' the sauce
Like the devil's boss
Got a gravely rash
My heart's in the trash
Can't remember why
Thanks to whiskey and rye

I can't lie down
Without holding my head
I think now I've drunk
More than I've bled
Come on now 
Put that poison in my cup
If there's one thing I can't stand
It's up
I can't stop drinking about you

There's a fire in my gut
I'm stuck in a rut
Drinkin' 40-rod booze
If I don't play I can't lose
Grind your groovy hips
Into my barbequed lips
Shake that buttercup
Cuz I'm all tuned up

My ego's been bruised
My soul feels abused
I'm jagged to the bone
Since I fell from my throne
Grind your groovy hips
Into my barbequed lips
Cuz I'm half in the bag
And your love's such a drag

I feel the pain
I'm my own enemy
Now there's a stain
On my memory
I look around
It's getting harder to see
I'm on the ground
There's nothing left of me

The older I get
The better I was

I used to live
Just chasing the fun
But now I give
Give it all to get around the sun
They used to say
If you're going thru Hell
Just keep going
You must be doing it well

The older I get
The better I was


Ecstatic utterance of prophecy

The gift of second-sight you gave to me

A faint response from the distance

Echo in exchange for your resistance

Hold invisible friends while they're useful

Render my own witness to be truthful

Sing incantations with a closed fist

Manifest secrets you might've missed

In the know
Can't live by prophecy, In the know
Or believe everything you read, in the know
Fate will set you free, in the know
Truth doesn't care what you believe
In the know

When you make your gold in a lead shoe

Distance of 9 waves between the real you

Now you bang your head on the birchwood

To forget the things you once understood

Build a house of stars without romance

Trace your stolen dream in a dead trance

Sanctify your soul on a cold blade

​Reincarnate new from the mess you made


Freefall down a hole

Don't come home

Til they pollute my soul

Can I see you tonight

Maybe if my head's on right

The writing's all on the wall


Crawling on  my hands and knees
In the dark let me find you please
Turn around I need to feel you again
Come on baby be my worst friend
The writing's all on the wall

Tongue tied by your own disguise

You murder the world when you believe your own lies

You disappear you're gonna raise the bar

Don't try me again

You've gone a bridge too far

The writing's all on the wall


PHANTOM WHISPER                         

Vanity is cloaked with lies

the changeling unmasked before

the pale moon fills the sky

Far below the raven's wing

a phantom whisper from behind

your need to feel the sting

Better close the windows

better lock the door

better close the windows

Because I'm back for more

Growing up I never knew

how far I'd go or just how much

I'd grow to resemble you

Dance around the sacred stone

release the hounds into the hills

to gnaw life to the bone

The centaur pulls his fiery bow

the longer you stare at the flame

the more you'll know

Deep within the warm delight

dark desire beckons 

like the coming of the night


Into the woods

Dark and deep

Cold winds blow

And owls weep

That's where I saw her


From her feet

Come in, she said

I offer eternal sleep


He dwells beneath

The mossy trees

He walks with a limp

And trips on Cypress knees

He's eight feet tall

And a dark shade of green

'Swamp Thing' they call him

But he thinks that's kind of mean

Nobody loves him

They think it's just a faze

Nobody needs him

He's too stuck in his ways

Nobody minds him

He just likes it that way

Nobody finds him

He'll stay under for days

He lets out a roar

But it might be gas

His back is sore

From carrying all that wet grass

There's lumps on his head

He's losing his hair

He's hooked on meds

Cuz there's no one left to scare


Creature from the black lagoon


Baby you know that I'm gone

And I know you won't understand

I'm already on the road

Gonna find my promised land

I ain't ever coming back again

When I know you love another man

Baby you know that I'm gone

I'm already on the run

You know I just gotta live

By the rhythm of my own drum

That man didn't know what hit him

Until he saw me holding my gun

Baby you know that I'm gone

I'm already on my way

And I don't want to hear you cry

You know I just couldn't stay

That man lyin' in the bed with you

He's been dead since yesterday


From beyond the castle wall

Ancient stones begin to fall

Climb the stairwell to the tower

Feel the heat of rising power

Cross the threshold to the night

Looking back to what is right

Falling to the rocks below

Now you hear the howling grow

Raise the sails and cut the cord

Ships advance across the fjord

Skies are black with stormy weather

Crawl beneath my shield of leather


Well I'm sorry not sorry​

The struggle is real

Netflix and chill

Don't humblebrag

Oops forgot the hashtag

I took a selfie in the bathroom

Got my caterpillar eyebrows

Said no one ever

I got relationship goals

And weird shaped nails

My mommy told me I was special

Can't use my liberal arts degree

Where's my participation trophy

What's this world gonna do for me

Well I'm dead can't even

Better stay woke fam

Pics or it didn't happen

Is it GIF or JIF

Instant gratification

So bye Felicia

Cuz you're basic as fuck

And I'ma stay turnt up

Now Pluto's not a planet

Better vape on Snapchat

My mommy told me I was special

Can't use my liberal art's degree Where's my participation trophy

​What's this world gonna do for me


When they're giving you hell

But you've already been there

Thru the power of will

Turn it to ash and cinder

Lost in mental haze

Illuminated by anguish

Haven't slept in days

​The malady won't vanquish

Fold it up

Spit it out

Tear it down

Cast it all away

Burn it to the ground

Throw it to the fire

Arcane mysteries

Carry you the farthest

Spinning wheel of dreams

A metaphysical harvest

It's all a spiritual sphere

Return threefold eternal

Like the sun and the year

An imperfect circle


I see you on the street

In search of something new

I'm barking at your feet

And falling down in front of you

Chewing on your lips

I'm shaking in my shoes

You make me lose control

When you flash me those baby blues

Use me

Confuse me

Consume me

Abuse me

You put your spell on me
I'm a fool over you

Calling out your name

I know you hear it too

Smell you on my skin

I'm lost again what can I do

Scold me like a dog

Rub me til I'm blue

I wanna be your slave

You rule me now you know it's true


I fell in love with a robot

I'm alone in the hospital

to see a friend

and I'm waiting on the elevator

when the doors open

and you walk in

to my life you dreamy droid

the most fantastic contraption

I'd seen in years and I knew

in that moment I should be the one

to grease those gears

When I close my eyes 

I still hear you beep

and the way you move

like you're half asleep

and your cold hard skin

always makes me weep

I'm alone and I don't know why

There's an uncomfortable silence

when you're alone with a robot

so I said hello but then nothing

you just stood there and your

blinking light came on

and you turned to go

now I'm crushed, brokenhearted

cuz I have one of those

and it hurts like hell 

but not you babe you wouldn't know it

cuz you're nuts and bolts

and an empty shell

I thought I was intellectual

Turns out I might be robosexual

I'm alone even when we're together

cuz I fell in love with a robot